SPARQL Queries to SEC Data

These examples demonstrate the use of a SPARQL query interface to access information published by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). Queries to a Sesame SPARQL endpoint reference a repository loaded with an RDF document derived from the SEC Edgar database. The example starts by displaying an initial company and all of the companies linked to it via shared officers. The user can then dynamically expand the graph by selecting companies and repeating the query.

The core triptych.js code used in this example is available in the download section, except for the SPARQL query interface. If you are interested in that interface, send email to

Linkages between 3 companies.
The Graph Loader module is embedded as part of the SPARQL interface. The SPARQL interface also optionally uses a Graph Translator to map the predicates and types of the original query to application-specific vocabulary and node labels.
Icon Visualization of SEC Data
Simple WebGL Visualization of SEC Data
Simple HTML5 Canvas Visualization of SEC Data